Ndvr (short for ‘endeavour’, which stands for exploring, discovering, undertaking, …) is a social enterprise that puts to use spatial and social expertise to increase the positive social impact of spatial projects.  

Ndvr office combines expertise in architecture, urban/spatial planning and social geography to advise, guide and support architects, planners, organizations, ngo's, project developers and governments in pursuing the full social potential of spatial projects and in creating an understanding of complex spatial matters.

Ndvr fund allows us to pro-actively explore the potential and local identity of neighbourhoods in transition to set up an inclusive process and ensure that spatial projects contribute positively to the wellbeing and quality of life of local residents, enterprises, organizations, and other local stakeholders. The fund aims to be a platform to disclose and communicate social-spatial, experience and research. 





175 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010


+1 555 555 5782