Lunch lecture:

Endeavour invites Joost Beunderman (00)

friday 12-5, 13-14h

Faculteit Ontwerpwetenschappen, Mutsaardstraat 31, Aula K.1.2


00 [zero zero] is a London-based design and strategy practice. Founded in 2005 as architecture and research studio, it has grown to encompass strategic design, workspace development, open source hardware, and exploring the future of our shared institutional infrastructure in order to enable more democratic and sustainable futures.


Joost Beunderman is a Director of 00 leading on a wide range of research and urban strategy projects. He has led a wide range of urban regeneration strategy projects in the UK and abroad, focussing in particular on innovative solutions and typologies for workspace and employment areas, as well as on civic entrepreneurialism. Joost was the main author of the ‘Compendium of the Civic Economy,’ published in 2011. He is Director of Impact Hub Islington and Impact Hub Brixton, two co-working spaces / civic innovation platforms, and currently works as part of the Dark Matter Laboratories programme within 00, designing new institutional infrastructures for the 21st Century. 

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