Open Oproep 3108 Dilbeek Caerenberg and Keperenberg

Our team Metapolis, ndvr, Idea-Consult, and Tractebel will be developing a masterplan for two sites in Dilbeek. Site Caerenberg is a sports-recreational site, while Keperenberg combines a complex program of a school, elderly homes, offices of the local municipal services, tennis courts etc. 

The masterplan aims to delineate a clear concept for the renewal of both sites responding to current and future needs of Dilbeek while exploring possibilities for more multifunctional and efficient use, increased accessibility and shared spaces. This will translate into clear priorities and short-term actions as well as long-term visioning.

Ndvr will focus on building strong local coalitions between the different stakeholders and programs, exploring the possibilities and quick-wins which can be achieved through different small-scale strategic interventions.